2: Opposite X

Flip the cube over. The color ‘X’ you solve next will match the center of the slice (for my cube, this will be Orange since Red was first ‘X’). The goal of this step is to make your second ‘X’ on the opposite face and the first ‘X’. When completing this step, the cube will look like:

If you alread have an ‘X’ then you can proceed to step three. If not, match the orientation with one of the seven below:

If your cube looks like (1), then perform the following move:

F’ T F T R T’ R’

You will now have your second ‘X’. If your cube looks like (2), (3), (4), or (5), then perform the same move above. You will now have (1). Orient you cube again to match (1) and perform the move again. If you have (6) or (7), you will have to do the move above three times: (6)–>(2)–>(1) or (7)–>(4)–>(1).

Verify you have two ‘X’s and proceed to step three.

Mr. Lewis had an Expert section for each of the above positions, to make the second ‘X’ faster. Unfortunately, this was not one of the files I was able to save.


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